Monday, August 22, 2011

I Belong To You - Press Release

About The Album:

Released by His Holiness Sri Sri Ravi Shankarji on 28/8/2011, "I Belong To You" is Sahil Jagtiani's 11th studio album which sees him blend rock, dance and bhajan styles to give an edgy new spiritual album. The 11 song album is well produced and each of the songs are totally distinct and unique. Tracks such as the rock ballad "Shankara", the slickly produced club mega mix "Om Namo Narayanaye", the upbeat "Rang Rang Sang Sang" and the Islanders mix of "Shankara" are sure to get you grooving. The title track "I Belong To You", the serene "We Are Opening Up" and uplifting "Jaan Tu" add the pop flavor to the album. "Jeene Do" send home an important message with a groovy rock beat, "Thanks Mr. Cook (Instrumental)" is a powerful string section to funky rhythm, "Riding The Breeze (Instrumental" is a guitar based dance track and "eTERNITY (Instrumental)" is a soothing piano composition. Most of the songs are composed, programmed, sung, arranged, mixed and mastered by Sahil. He has also played guitar and keyboards for most of them too. As in his previous albums he sticks to bringing out melodious Sanskrit Shlokas as the main driving force behind most of these tracks.

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