Monday, January 28, 2013

Refreshing New Perspective

As I write this blog I feel, after a torrid couple of years, quite at one with myself and thought it best to put for my thoughts on paper so that maybe those in a similar boat can also benefit from this.

Sometimes we think that righteousness and truth walk hand in hand but if anything, the last few years have made me realize that this world is filled with all possibilities and that even the righteous can be untruthful and truth can also be unrighteous. Seeing some much injustice and challenges in India and also in my business and spiritual life I would sometimes feel helpless and completely demotivated. But I found that the more I tried to change things and prayed that the divine would change things, things didn't change..... but I did! I still will never shy away from speaking the truth but won't let the outcome affect me anymore as there is no point. Truth and life are multi-dimensional and today's truth may just as well be tomorrow's lie. I have seen betrayal by some of my nearest and dearest... but I still am watching! I have seen my own students let me down in my time of need... but I am still watching! I have seen musicians making lakhs of rupees singing my own compositions while I was in the grips of being broke... but I am still watching! I saw an employee of mine steal my own hard worked source code and steal my office document... but I am still watching! I have also seen how people have insulted me without any reason, even without me interacting with them let alone me having done anything to them... but I am still watching! Just when I thought things could not get any worse.. they did... but I am still watching! Sometimes the purpose of life is not to change the situation, but rather to watch and observe that this world is filled with all possibilities and that everything and everyone will always change.... While You Watch!

Karma is Karma. Whether you like it or not you have to go through it with or without His Grace! It sucks but you do have a choice to either watch or go Mad! In the peak of despair there is only one thing that will keep you alive.... Opposite Values Are Complementary! This too shall change!

Now I am seeing how things are improving, music is flowing and life seems to be getting back on track.... But I Am Still Watching! And thats All.....