Sunday, July 18, 2010

Do You Have the Time?

Was getting home with Smriti after watching an amazing movie called "Inception" and along the way we had a wonderful discussion regarding the concept of time which I thought would be apt for my first ever blog. In the movie the concept of time was shown to be more expanded as the dreamer got deeper and deeper into his or her own dream world or dream level. This brought about the question of what is "Time"? This is something that we have taken for granted but never really pondered on. What really is "Time"?

An ant experiences time differently from us. What takes almost years for them to cover in terms of distance, we can do so in weeks. What they experience in seconds, we experience in weeks. Thus time differs in terms of size and distance.

Sometimes even people with a lot of thoughts experience expanded time and people with less on their mind feel simply as if time flies by.

We came up with an interesting thought - The space between 2 objects, thoughts, entities, etc. gives us the experience of time. So the more the less the space, the more or less the experience of time.

In hindu philosophy we are taught that a day in the life of Lord Brahma (The Creator) has the same intensity or relevance as 4.32 billion years of human existence. This figure is then compounded exponentially for a day in the life of Lord Vishnu (The Sustainer) and then again for a day in the life of Lord Shiva (The Transformer). Then whats above & beyond that?!

What happens if you are everywhere are there is NO distance?!! Then there is no time! Time is dependent on space and if you are one with it then time does not arise. I guess that is why they say Enlightenment means being one with everything. I have noticed sometimes that during meditations with Guruji, time would just fly by or I would have an eternity of experiences in just a few minutes. Time does not seem to apply to the "Enlightened".

If there is only an experience of oneness then the concepts of Seva, Sadhana and Satsang become easier to understand. Being one with everyone and helping others, in the best way possible, is simply helping yourself. Seva then is simply a natural act. If the experience of oneness is so intense then closing one's eyes (sense organ) enhances that experience and meditation is then not an action but instead a part of your very nature. That would be the truest form of Sadhana. In Satsang, during the chanting, everybody would sing in unison glorifying the oneness that is. When a Master sings, he does need to think or put on a show, he knows that truth and simply expresses that which he already is!

I guess that a lot of people who meditate have had this experience too. It seems then that the ultimate goal of life is simply to expand one's consciousness to go beyond space and time.

This post in no way means any disrespect to the watch makers of the world! :)

And... do watch the movie!